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Citizen Police Academy Accepting Applications

Citizen Police Academy Accepting Applications

I remember as a kid playing cops and robbers with my friends and thinking how exciting it would be to be a police officer. I’m sure some of you also have this fond memory from childhood. For those of us that chose a different career path but still ponder from time to time what it would be like to be in law enforcement, Upper Arlington has the perfect opportunity for you; the 2018 Citizen Police Academy. This program allows residents to spend two months going behind the scenes for a hands-on learning experience of local law enforcement.

The Citizen Police Academy gives residents a greater understanding and awareness of law enforcement and citizen safety programs. Citizen Police Academy students learn about crime scene investigations, crime prevention, defensive tactics, firearms training and more. After completion, many alumni of the Citizen Police Academy program have stayed involved with the community’s safety services, through community outreach activities, fundraising, safety programs and the like.

Any UA resident or business owner/leader who is over the age of 21 is eligible to apply for this free program. Only 12 participants are selected each year, with the 2018 program scheduled to run Thursday evenings from September 6 to November 8. Act quickly, though—applications close Friday, July 27. Before applying, please note that participants may miss one week but attendance is otherwise required—it makes for a more meaningful experience for all involved.

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