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The Engineering Division manages the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects that impact the City’s public infrastructure, right-of-way, and stormwater management system. The division also installs, operates and maintains all City streetlights and a majority of the traffic signals. Engineering supports other City operations, overseeing the City’s street maintenance program, and providing inspection and engineering design assistance for City projects and new commercial or residential developments.

The City’s Geographic Information System—or GIS mapping—is developed and maintained by Engineering, providing departments, residents, developers and utility companies easy online access to the location of property lines, easements, utilities, zoning and more.

A stormwater management plan ensures the City’s compliance with state and national requirements designed to protect our natural waterways from pollutants. A Sustainable Sewer Solutions Program is being implemented as part of the CIP to repair the City’s sanitary sewer lines.




18Jul 18

Kenny Road Lane Reduction

Wednesday, July 18 - Kenny Road northbound will be reduced to one lane between Kenbrook Hills Drive and Millcreek Lane, between the hours of 10 am to approximately 1 pm.…

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29Jun 18

Reed Road Construction Update

Beginning Thursday, July 5, the section of Reed Road between Lane Road and McCoy Road will only be open to southbound traffic. Motorists heading north will be detoured east on…

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10 Year Capital Improvement Plan

The 10-year Capital Improvement Program—begun in 2014—reflects the City’s commitment to reinvesting in its public infrastructure. This includes the City’s roads, waterlines, storm drainage, sanitary sewer lines, bridges, sidewalks, streetlights, parks and other public facilities. Much of the funding for this program is provided through a .5% dedicated portion of the City’s income tax, approved by voters in November 2014 (increasing the rate from 2% to 2.5%). The CIP is updated every two years, with new “Years 9 & 10” added as each “Year 1 & 2” are completed. As part of this update process, some projects are re-prioritized based on an assessment of changing infrastructure conditions.

Past year CIP documents can be accessed via Archives Portal – Plans search.

Curb and Gutter at Sunset

In addition to the City’s plans to address public infrastructure improvements, residents may initiate certain neighborhood improvements, such as the installation of sidewalks or curbs & gutters. This can be accomplished through a petition process which, if successful, is completed by the City with property owners assessed for the cost of the work. The petition process is addressed by Ohio Revised Code 727.

A petition is a resident-initiated action. A “community organizer” or “block captain” should conduct an unofficial survey to see if there is enough interest among neighbors to represent 60% or more of the property front footage for what would become the project area. Subsequent to completing a series of steps associated with the proposed improvement, once a design and pricing estimates have been obtained, if the project still has signatures representing the 60% it will be recommended for implementation.

Damaged Sidewalk

In collaboration with Parks & Forestry, the City offers a Sidewalk Maintenance Program which provides for periodic inspections of existing sidewalks to determine if repairs or replacement work is necessary. The City has been divided into five management districts for inspections and repairs over a period of several years. Once a district has been inspected, property owners may receive a letter from the City early in the year notifying them if sidewalks adjacent to their property are in need of repair or replacement. An aerial view of their property is included, indicating the location of the damage and identifying which sections are the responsibility of the homeowner and which fall to the City.

Please visit our Sidewalk Maintenance Program section for full details of the program, tips and resources for becoming part of the solution.

Traffic Signal Panel

Our Electrical Division oversees and maintains various electrical and traffic management functions, including:

  • 52 community traffic signals, 1,427 streetlights, 14 school flashers, 2 hazardous intersection flashers
  • Electrical systems for City facilities that include parks and pools, Senior Center, Municipal Services Center, Public Service Center, Northam Park Tennis and the Mallway
  • The phase-in of energy efficient, longer-lasting, cost efficient lighting systems (LEDs)
  • The community’s neighborhood lights. See the Resource & Links section below for details on this program.
Stormwater Management

The City’s Stormwater Management Plan is in place to help protect our natural waterways and ensure clean water for everyone. This is accomplished through a combination of regulation, reinvesting in our aging storm drainage facilities and community education to eliminate the presence of pollutants in rainwater and snow melt runoff.

Please visit our Stormwater Management section for full details of the program, tips and resources for becoming part of the solution.

Construction Worker

The City has needs for specialized technical expertise on various projects, and seeks assistance from professional service providers when appropriate. The City employs a fair and open process when selecting consultants, in compliance with the rules, regulations and laws of the State of Ohio relative to the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) of Professional Services, Ethics, and all other areas that might be applicable, as well as the City’s Codified Ordinances for Procurement.

The Professional Services Pre-qualification & Quality Based Selection Process document sets forth the policies adhered for establishing a list of pre-qualified consultants—a process conducted every two years—and detailing the quality-based selection process.

See our News notices below for any current professional services opportunities. If you have questions, complete the contact form below, or call 614-583-5360.


Engineering (7)

All work is weather dependent, therefore, the schedule is based on our best estimate at that time. For current projects, residents can reference the lates post “Focus On” for updates.

Category: Engineering

Shelter houses can be reserved through the Parks & Recreation Department, at 614-583-5300. Some divisions at this facility work on a different schedule, and oftentimes Staff is working out in the community. Visit our Places page for details on City building address, maps & directions, phone numbers and hours of operation.

Engineering will perform an inspection to determine the issue(s) and help determine a plan of action.

Category: Engineering

The resident may begin a petition process with the Engineering Department by calling 614-583-5360.

Category: Engineering

You may look at our GIS mapping layer for streets and curb maintenance details.

Category: Engineering

An downloadable street map is available here on the UA website (see the link below). Printed copies are also available at the Municipal Services Center (3600 Tremont Road).

Categories: City, Engineering

This is the homeowners responsibility. If you believe a trip hazard is being caused by a tree root, please contact our Parks & Forestry Division for evaluation at 614-583-5340.

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