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The Upper Arlington Police Division provides 24-hour service and is an integral part of developing and maintaining a safe and secure community through the cooperative efforts of many departments and community organizations.

The division proudly provides a wide range of police services and programs to residents, visitors and members of the business community. The division is staffed by sworn officers who are professionally trained and certified by the State of Ohio; and, by law, are also declared to be law enforcement officers of the State and conservators of peace with the authority to arrest. In addition to sworn staff, there are several full-time and part-time civilian staff who provide other support to the division’s operations.

The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer for the division and is responsible for the planning and research functions, preparation of the division’s budget, supervising internal expenditures and the overall administration of the selection of personnel. The division is further divided into three bureaus, each supervised by a lieutenant who reports directly to the chief. 


Our Staff & Investigative Bureau oversees criminal investigations against persons, property, juveniles, financial and vice/narcotics/intelligence complaints. In addition our Court Liaison Officer serves as Bailiff during Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court.


Our Patrol & Operations Bureau provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week emergency and non-emergency law enforcement response and special event planning (i.e., Fourth of July and Labor Day events) to the community.


Our Support Services Bureau is responsible for maintaining the division’s accredited status and for overseeing a variety of safety-related and crime prevention programming to the community.

Police Uniforms

As a testament to the division’s exceptional service, it has been an accredited agency through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since 1993. In fact, when the division was re-accredited in 2005, it was selected as one of eight (out of 100) to be a “Flagship Organization,” and was further selected to serve as the model division for other departments seeking certification.

“Contendite Ductum” is the Latin inscription on the seal of the Upper Arlington Police Division patch. This motto means “Strive for Leadership,” and it represents the attitude held by those associated with this agency.

2017 Police Annual Report

Annual Report

The Police Division produces an Annual Report containing information on the division’s organizational structure as well as important statistics and accomplishments from the year.

Past year documents can be accessed via Archives Portal – Police Annual Reports archives.

Police Beat Header

Police Beat Activity Reports

The Police Division keeps close track of emerging crime trends occurring in the community.

Monthly Police Beat reports can be accessed via Archives Portal – Police Beat archives, search by report date.

Traffic Crash Report

Traffic/Crash Reports

The Police Division maintains daily traffic crash reports available for insurance and reporting purposes.

Daily Traffic/Crash reports can be accessed via Archives Portal – Accident archives, search Police Accident Report by First Name, Last Name, Report # or Report Date. Contact the Upper Arlington Police Division with specific questions or concerns.



The City is part of the Franklin County emergency notification system, an online tool that can quickly dispatch texts, emails and voice messages to citizens, notifying them of extreme weather conditions and other breaking emergency situations.


Texting while driving is a primary offense in Upper Arlington. State law already bans texting, but it is only a primary offense for those under 18 (those over 18 must have committed another offense). Upper Arlington’s ban allows Police to pull drivers over and cite them for texting while driving without having to guess their age.


The City has guidelines and requirements for groups or individuals wishing to go door-to-door in the community for the purposes of selling items or services, or canvassing residents. This includes securing a peddling/soliciting permit. Click on the link below for full details of these requirements and to see the list of current peddling/soliciting permit holders.

If you believe you have been approached by a group or individual that does not have a permit, contact Police by calling 614-459-2800 as soon as possible so that an officer can be dispatched to the area.


City legislation requires convicted sexual offenders to register with the City’s Police Division if they live and/or work within the City’s boundaries. It also prohibits convicted sexual offenders from living or working within 1,000 feet of any school premises, licensed daycare facility, preschool, public park, swimming pool, library, or playground.


The Staff/Investigative Bureau oversees the Criminal Investigations Section, which is broken down into specialized units.  Detectives assigned to these units can investigate crimes outside of their specialization but are highly trained to investigate specific types of crime.  The specialized units include:  crimes against persons, crimes against property, juvenile crimes, financial crimes, and vice/narcotics/intelligence complaints

The Staff/Investigative Bureau is responsible for internal affairs complaints, central records functions and maintaining various reports. The Court Liaison Officer serves as Bailiff during Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court and attends hearings in Franklin County courts on behalf of Upper Arlington Police Officers.


Residents can request a report on an accident, incident or other police matter. The Police Division may charge a small fee depending on the type of record requested and the format in which it is provided. These requests can be made in person at the Police Desk, 8 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday or by completing the email form below.

More detailed records requests (local records check, cruiser video, 911 call tape, etc.) require completion of a Public Records Request form.


The Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is a multi-agency task force dedicated to the fight against computer facilitated crimes against children. The task force investigates cases of online child enticement and the possession or distribution of child pornography. The Upper Arlington Police Division participates in this task force, along with other suburban police agencies, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Columbus Division of Police, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Since the task force was formed in 2009, investigators have arrested over 746 sexual predators and identified 317 child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

To educate parents and teachers of the potential dangers of the Internet on their children, task force investigators offer Internet safety presentations. To schedule a presentation, contact our Community Relations Officer, at 614-583-5197 or complete the email form below.

07May 18

NRECC Receives National Certification

Last fall, Fire Chief Lyn Nofziger and Police Chief Tracy Hahn provided a positive update to City Council on the transition of our in-house 911/dispatching center to the Northwest Regional…

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In public parks, dogs must be on a leash from 8 am to 8 pm during Daylight Savings Time and 8 am to 5 pm during Eastern Standard Time. At all other hours, dogs must still be under control by the owner. Additional responsible pet ownership guidelines can be found by linking to our Animal Control page.

The Police Division has a Drug Take Back Box located in the Municipal Services Center. Visit the Police Division section of our website or call 614-583-5150 with questions.

Upper Arlington does not have an Animal Control officer. You can call the suggested numbers below for any issues. Franklin County Animal Control: 614-462-4360 Capital Area Humane Society: 614-777-7387. Visit ????? regarding animal Laws and Lost pets.

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Contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150.

If the matter is a pending case, you need to file for discovery. If the matter is completed you may obtain a copy through our public records requests process with the City Clerk’s Office.

Safety Town is coordinated by the Police Division, in cooperation with the Fire Division and Parks & Recreation Department. Program details can be found in the Spring/Summer Parks & Recreation catalog or by visiting the Police Division – Support Services Bureau section of our website.

For all City of Upper Arlington public record requests for Police or Mayor’s Court records, please visit Records Request – Police & Mayor’s Court on City Council – City Clerk web page. For Franklin County record requests you may visit or

Contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150.

You do not apply for Police Officer and Firefighter positions through the City’s website. They both begin with scheduling a test with National Testing Network. The process to apply for a Police Officer or Firefighter is detailed in the posting.

It is always best to work out issues related to neighbors in a positive manner. If you have exhausted positive communication methods, the City has a mediation program that may assist.

You should contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150 and review their page for further information.

Beggar’s Night typically falls on October 31 each year, unless that date falls on the weekend. Beggar’s Night hours in UA are 6-8 pm. View our annual calendar of events for additional details of Beggar’s Night activities in Upper Arlington.

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You may call the Probation Officer with appointment and scheduling questions at 614-583-5022.

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