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The City of Upper Arlington provides one of the best snow removal services in Central Ohio with the aim of returning normal driving conditions to all City streets within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm.

For operational purposes, a higher level of service and priority designation will be given first to arterial streets, then collector streets and finally residential streets. Arterials are the main thoroughfares in the City; collectors are the secondary streets as they carry traffic to the arterials.


For snow and ice removal, arterials and collectors are considered Priority 1.  Due to the high volume of traffic, emergency and school routes, emphasis is placed on treating these roads first.  Roads listed as such will be maintained in as near bare pavement conditions as possible at all times.  Adhering to this prioritization is critical in order to maintain access for emergency services to all business and residential areas throughout the community.

The roads listed below are designated as “arterials” and “collectors” in Section 311.02 of the Upper Arlington City Code:

Fifth Avenue
Fishinger Road
Henderson Road
Kenny Road
Lane Avenue
Lane Road (Riverside to Reed)
McCoy Road

North Broadway
Northwest Boulevard
Redding Road
Reed Road
Riverside Drive
Tremont Road
Zollinger Road

Andover Road
Arlington Avenue
Asbury Drive
Cambridge Boulevard
Canterbury Road
Carriage Hill Lane
Chartwell Road
Coach Road
Coventry Road
Dierker Road
Gateway Drive

Greensview Drive
King Avenue
Kioka Avenue
Lane Road (Riverside to Reed)
Leeds Road
Longeaton Drive
Lytham Road
Mackenzie Drive
McCoy Road
Mountview Road
North Star Road

Northam Road
Nottingham Road
NW Professional Plaza
Redding Road
Ridgeview Road
Stonehaven Drive
Waltham Road
Windermere Road
Windham Road
Woodbridge Road


All other streets, not classified as collector streets or arterial streets, are designated as local streets per city code; local (or residential) streets are categorized as Priority 2 during snowfall events. Residential streets will be cleaned and/or treated upon completion of all Priority 1 streets.

Snow Plow

The City recognizes the following Franklin County Snow Emergency Classifications. Adoption of a snow emergency in Upper Arlington is at the discretion of the City Manager:

  • Level 1 – hazardous conditions, motorists should proceed carefully.
  • Level 2 – drive only when necessary.
  • Level 3 – roads are closed to non-emergency travel. Police may stop and arrest any motorists traveling unnecessarily.

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