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Our Public Service Department has partnered with a contractor to complete a comprehensive street sweeping process this late spring/early summer. This process is part of the department’s overall efforts to keep Upper Arlington streets clean of sediment, leaves and other impediments to safe traffic and to keep debris out of the storm sewers, which lead directly to our waterways.

Street Sweeper

Spring 2018 Sweeping Underway from 7 am-4 pm

Street crews will post signs on key residential streets in each zone prior to its scheduled sweeping to advise those in the immediate area. Additionally, areas to be swept will be posted here and on social media as soon as the information becomes available, since sweeping is conducted on a rolling basis. Please move parked vehicles from the street between the hours of 7 am-4 pm to assist this process. Note that no ticketing or towing will occur. The sweeping will be conducted on weekdays only, with the exception of some school zones.

You can help us by…

  • Moving parked cars, which will interfere with our sweeping.
  • Sweepers cannot pick up brush, branches or yard waste. Please collect these items and put them out for Solid Waste Collection – Yard Waste or drop them off at the Ohio Mulch facility at 4120 Roberts Road.

Here is the anticipated schedule (weather permitting) of proposed sweeping areas.

Boundaries are Fishinger Road, McCoy Road, Riverside Drive and Kenny Road, including the areas just east of Kenny Road and south of Highland Drive (Area 4).

Street Sweeping Zone 4

Boundaries are McCoy Road, Lane Road, Riverside Drive and Reed Road including the area bounded by Reed Road, McCoy Road, Kenny Road and Old Henderson (Area 5).

Street Sweeping Zone 5

Boundaries are Lane Road, Henderson Road, Riverside Drive and Reed Road (Area 6).

Street Sweeping Zone 6

Boundaries are West 5th Ave, Lane Ave, Riverside Drive and North Star (Area 1).

Street Sweeping Zone 1

Boundaries are Lane Ave, Zollinger Road, Riverside Drive and North Star (Area 2).

Street Sweeping Zone 2

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