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In this section, we provide an overview of the utilities available to Upper Arlington citizens, both private and public, along with useful contact information and resources for assistance.

The City oversees Solid Waste services, the care and maintenance of underground sanitary sewer and stormwater lines, and is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of waterlines in the public rights-of-way, with the actual provision of water and sewer service the responsibility of the City of Columbus Division of Water.

Details of the companies that provide other utilities, such as natural gas, electricity, telephone and cable services are also provided here, along with details of consumer protection agencies that can provide useful information as you compare providers.


Sewer & Stormwater Services
City of Upper Arlington, Public Service Department
4100 Roberts Road, Upper Arlington, OH 43228
Phone: 614-583-5350
After hours: 614-583-5410

If you see or experience urgent situations, such as street flooding, sewer backups and/or basement flooding, call the listed Utility Division or after hours number. 
Full program details can be found in the Sanitary & Storm Sewer section of our website.

Solid Waste Services
City of Upper Arlington, Public Service Department
4100 Roberts Road, Upper Arlington, OH 43228
Phone: 614-583-5370

The City contracts with Local Waste Services to provide residents a trash, recycling and yard waste collection program. Full program details can be found in the Solid Waste Services section of our website.


Utility Billing
City of Upper Arlington, Finance Department
3600 Tremont Road, Upper Arlington, OH 43221
Utility billing questions: 614-583-5280

The City’s Semi-Annual Utility Bill covers the Stormwater Utility fee, Solid Waste Service fee and in some cases a Neighborhood Lighting Utility fee.

  • The Stormwater Utility fee ($22.50/six months or $45/annual) helps to defray the costs of our City’s deteriorating storm drainage system.
  • The Solid Waste Service fee (see table below) covers the costs of providing weekly refuse, recycling and yard waste collection services.
  • The Neighborhood Lighting fee ($17.50/six months or $35/annual) helps to defray the cost of implementing residential lights throughout neighborhoods. This is fee is only applied when neighborhoods have completed the petition process. Visit our Neighborhood Lighting page for details.

UA households are scheduled to receive their semi-annual Stormwater Utility and Solid Waste Service invoice in the mail late January/early February and again in late June/early July. We thank you in advance for paying your invoice promptly.



Senior Discount
Senior Discount
Base Fee$106.50$213$96$192
Community Recycling Fee$3.50$7$3.50$7
Administrative Fee$3.50$7$3.50$7

Regular Total





Premium Service Fee$193.50$387$193.50$387

Premium Total






Upper Arlington consumers have several options available to them for the provision of various utilities. Relative to the provision of natural gas and electricity, the best way to determine which provider program is right for you is to check the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s (PUCO) “Apples to Apples” charts, at Regardless of the provider selected, the actual supply of natural gas is distributed via Columbia Gas of Ohio’s physical network and the supply of electricity is through AEP Ohio’s hardware delivery system. The lists we provide below of cable television, telephone and Internet providers is not necessarily complete, nor does it represent an endorsement from the City. If you represent a utility provider you wish to add to this section, contact us using the form below.


Time Warner Cable
Phone: 800-892-4357

WOW Cable
Phone: 866-496-9669


AEP Ohio
1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus, OH 43215
Customer Service: 800-672-2231

Report Power Outages: 800-672-2231

When to Call the City of Upper Arlington For Help
If an outage has affected streetlights or traffic signals. If you see a downed power line, especially if it is emitting sparks or causing a fire.
Police non-emergency: 614-459-2800

Help Reduce Problems With Trees and Utility Lines
Power lines typically come into homes along utility easements at the rear or sides of properties. AEP performs routine tree-trimming maintenance to keep branches away from power lines. Residents can assist by not planting trees in the easement, and choosing slow-growing, smaller trees to be located close to power lines. Contact AEP to report problems with trees and power lines. Do not attempt to trim branches close to or touching power lines.


AT&T Ohio
Phone: 800-288-2020

Frontier Internet
Phone: 855-541-8247

Long Distance Telephone

Business Services: 855-656-4365

Business Sales/Service: 800-436-4444

Customer Service: 866-866-7509

Sales: 888-692-8078

XO Communications
Sales: 855-339-4417


Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
200 Civic Center Drive, Columbus, OH 43215-4138
Phone: 800-344-4077
Gas odor/emergency/after hours: 800-344-4077


City of Columbus, Division of Water
910 Dublin Road, Room 109, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-645-8276

Water Main Breaks & Emergency
Upper Arlington Public Service: 614-583-5385
After hours: 614-645-7788

The Water Distribution System conveys potable water, provided by the City of Columbus, from the Dublin Road and Morse Road plants to the homes and businesses of Upper Arlington. The System consists of approximately 148 miles of varying size waterline, 1,959 fire hydrants, and a 750,000 gallon elevated water tower located at Zollinger Road. The City of Columbus is responsible for repairing all lines in Upper Arlington, with a few exceptions.


Ohio Utilities Protection Service

Phone: 800-362-2764

Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC)
10 West Broad Street, #1800, Columbus, OH 43215-3485
Phone: 877-742-5622

Offers assistance with utility questions, advice on selecting providers and a means to file service complaints.

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
180 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215-3793
Phone: 800-686-7826

Works to assure all residential and business consumers have access to adequate, safe and reliable utility services at fair prices, while facilitating an environment that provides competitive choices.

28Jun 18

Summer 2018 Utility Invoice

UA households are scheduled to receive their summer, semi-annual Utility Invoice from the City late June/early July. This invoice includes the Solid Waste fee, the Stormwater Utility fee and, in…

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Public Works (16)

Open burning of any yard waste such as brush or leaves is prohibited in the City of Upper Arlington. Yard waste disposal questions should be directed to the Public Service Department, at 614-583-5350 or visit our Solid Waste Services section. For any outdoor burning concerns, call 614-583-5100.

Options include installing a rain garden or hiring a contractor to install a small yard drain in the area where the water ponds and pipe it out to the street.

For homes built on slabs, the line will likely froze where the pipe enters the home. For homes with basements, the line into the home likely froze where it passes through concrete block into the home.

Insulate pipes where freezing is likely to occur. If this is not possible, periodically turn on your water and let it run for several seconds, purchase a space heater to place in front of the pipes or purchase a heating coil that can be plugged in and wrapped around the pipes to keep them warm.

Try using a hair dryer and blowing warm air down onto frozen sections or into the opening of the block wall where the water line enters the home.

The City provides free leaf collection each year between mid-October and early December. Click on the link below for full details, and what to do when the program is not in effect.

Category: Public Works

The benefits are not site specific. Run-off from your property combines with that from other lots, accumulating to become part of the problem downstream. Benefits are gained throughout the City by minimizing the flooding of roads, intersections, and downstream properties.

Shelter houses can be reserved through the Parks & Recreation Department, at 614-583-5300. Some divisions at this facility work on a different schedule, and oftentimes Staff is working out in the community. Visit our Places page for details on City building address, maps & directions, phone numbers and hours of operation.

Refuse and recycling collection are typically delayed by one day on/after the holiday in question, with no Friday yard waste collection.

Call the Utility Division during office hours of Monday-Friday, 7 am -3:30 pm. If you have an after-hours emergency, please call 583-5410. Sewer overflows and backups negatively impact the environment if waste materials enter the storm sewers or water table.

Pour several gallons of water in all basement floor drains, run water in any unused sinks and shower stalls, and flush any unused toilets. These fixtures should have built in traps (“U” shaped pipes), designed to hold water and act as a barrier to prevent sewer gases from entering the home.

Yard waste is picked up on your regular refuse and recycling collection day. Click the link below for more details on Yard Waste Collection. Alternatively, residents may drop off acceptable yard waste free-of-charge at the Bill Holbrook Regional Composting Facility, which is operated by Ohio Mulch and is located at 4120 Roberts Road. The facility is closed on most City holidays.

The Public Services Division at the City can help to answer any questions regarding trash or recycling services. Their office can be reached via the phone number: 614-583-5350. Republic collects trash and recycling. Their phone number is 614-583-5370.

The City of Columbus provides water service to all UA residents and businesses. If you experience flooding or suspect a water main break, call the City of Upper Arlington Utility Division at 614-583-5385 during regular business hours. A member of staff will visit the site to determine the nature of the problem, and contact the City of Columbus on your behalf. If you have an after hours emergency, contact the City of Columbus at 614-645-7788.

Storm sewers drain directly to streams which empty into the Scioto or Olentangy rivers, therefore chemicals are not filtered out before reaching natural waterways.

The stormwater fee is used to repair and maintain the City’s existing stormwater system. It is not designed to make improvements on private property.

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