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City Attorney (18)

You may have an attorney represent you at trial if you wish, but you do not have to have one present.

Contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150.

If the matter is a pending case, you need to file for discovery. If the matter is completed you may obtain a copy through our public records requests process with the City Clerk’s Office.

These are private civil matters. Her are links to services that may assist you: Franklin County Municipal Court Civil Division at 614-645-7220 or Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk at

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The City Attorney does not personally represent individuals, only the City.

Category: City Attorney

Your subpoena should have contact information and the case number. You are required to appear pursuant to the subpoena.

For all City of Upper Arlington public record requests for Police or Mayor’s Court records, please visit Records Request – Police & Mayor’s Court on City Council – City Clerk web page. For Franklin County record requests you may visit or

Contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150.

You should contact the Finance Department at 614-583-5291.

Browse the City Codes section for property maintenance violations. Or contact the Building & Planning Department at 614-583-5070.

The prosecutor will be able to discuss your case with you in court. If you need to contact the prosecutor, call 614-583-5020. Have your case number available.

It is always best to work out issues related to neighbors in a positive manner. If you have exhausted positive communication methods, the City has a mediation program that may assist.

We advise you to seek legal guidance concerning property rights. If you have a concern about a dangerous tree, please contact the Parks & Forestry Division at 614-583-5340.

The City does not regulate signs by content. Browse our City Code for further information.

Browse our City Code for further information.

You should contact the Police Division at 614-583-5150 and review their page for further information.

You may call the Probation Officer with appointment and scheduling questions at 614-583-5022.

For City of Upper Arlington Court Cases check case numbers here. Or contact the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk at

Category: City Attorney

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