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Who is required to report the maintenance/cleaning of grease traps & interceptors?

Maintenance of interceptor reporting, as defined in City Ordinance 931.16(A), is required by any type of business or establishment where grease or other food materials may be washed down the drain. Food service establishments are particularly affected because of the amount of fats, oils and grease that is created during food preparation, cooking and/or disposal.

However, it is important to know that many establishments contribute to FOG production, even if they do not produce or cook food. FOG is produced by restaurants, cafeterias, delis, bakeries, residential homeowners, daycares, assisted living, and social halls – basically anyone who deals with food.

Cleaning records must be kept using the Grease Interceptor Cleaning Report Form and the Grease Trap Cleaning Report Form. The reporting forms MUST include the size of the trap and/or interceptor and the amount of grease/solids removed. Receipts and manifests are no longer accepted.

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